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Artificial Grass

Commonly known as fake, synthetic grass or Astro Turf. Artificial Grass has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past two decades through its highly desirable list of benefits and its ever evolving quality which now looks and feels like the real thing.

Not all of us have the time, accessibility or patience of keeping on top of caring for the Lawn! A great way to enjoy a Child & Pet Friendly, No Mowing, No Mud, Maintenance Free, Green Lawn all year round is to replace your Lawn with Artificial Grass.

Regarded as Surreys Leading Lawn installation service, we are renowned for installing stunning new Artificial Lawns throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & London.

With over 10 years experience in the Artificial Grass Industry we offer a range of services including Domestic & Commercial Lawns, Playgrounds, Roof Gardens, Balconies, Swimming Pools surrounds and Sports surfaces.


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  • Pet Friendly
    All products we use are 100% Pet friendly.

  • Child Safe
    We use soft, yet highly durable materials which are completely Child Safe

  • Low Maintenance
    Forget Mowing, Weeding and Watering. Enjoy more time to relax in the Garden

  • No Mud!
    No more dirty floors from feet and paws!

  • No Watering
    Experience fresh, green Grass all year round without dead patches

  • Guaranteed to last
    All Grasses come with a 10 year Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to mow the Grass?2019-12-18T23:35:36+00:00

Never again! Wave goodbye to the lawnmower as Artificial Grass is made of durable plastic polymers polyethylene and polypropylene which unlike real grass will not grow.

Do I need to Water the Grass?2019-12-18T23:36:50+00:00

No! Save water and the environment and enjoy a lawn that doesn’t require a single drop of water all year round

What maintenance is there to having an Artificial Lawn?2019-12-18T23:37:06+00:00

Other than brushing the grass regularly and keeping the area clear, you wont have to lift a finger!

How long does Artificial Grass last for?2019-12-18T23:37:58+00:00

All Grasses supplied come with a 10 year guarantee for peace of mind.

How does the lawn drain away water?2019-12-18T23:38:35+00:00

We install a self draining sub base below the new Artificial Grass which prevents puddling and Mud!

What if my Dog is using the Lawn as a toilet and will it smell?2019-12-18T23:39:19+00:00

Solids can be disposed off as normal and liquids will drain through the grass.  We advise hosing down liquid deposits and there are many scented cleaners available

When is the best time to lay Artificial Grass?2019-12-18T23:39:54+00:00

Artificial Grass can be laid all year round

Does anything damage Artificial Grass?2019-12-18T23:40:10+00:00

Artificial Grass will burn so avoid contact with Fires, BBQ coals and Cigarettes.